Site Features

There are a lot of features on this site, and it may take some time for readers and authors to uncover them. I’ll try to explain some of the topics as I go along by capturing the posts I’ll make and adding them to this book.


I created this site and more generically, registered this domain, as a spot for my immediate family to get together and share information with one another.

As a professional computer guy, I do this kind of thing for companies and friends, and even for some of my online social groups, but I’ve never stopped to do one for my family. By registering the domain, my hope is that I’ll spawn one site for each member who wants to have their own page, and simply inter-link them so that we all have a spot to call our own.

About this site

What’s this site for?

This book is where I’ll discuss the reason this site (and domain) exist, how to contribute and who it’s for.

I’m intentionally writing for a non-technical crowd, so there’ll be a lot of links to external sources here, and all acronyms will be clarified.

What are those little blue “b” icons for over next to the news stories?

Ubuntu starup to challenge RedHat!!Canonical is the 65-employee start-up behind a popular version of Linux called “Ubuntu”. The company is betting that it can win a place in the market using a strategy that dominant Linux seller Red Hat has dropped. [Digg — Tech]

I’m posting this story for three reasons:

  1. I wanted to demonstrate what happens when you click the “b” (for “blog”) icons next to the news story headlines. Clicking the “b” will create a web log (blog) entry for you, quoting the story next to the “b” icon you pressed.
  2. I like and thought some of you might not have heard of it, and figured this would be a way of possibly introducing it to you. It’s generally a tech-news based site, but the mechanics of it work so well that they’ve branched out into other news areas (politics, science, strange news).
  3. I love and use Ubuntu Linux every day (and right now, to post this).

Linux has been on the upswing for a while, and with all of the time I’ve spent fixing Windows-based computers that are over-run w/ malicious software (malware), I’ve been experimenting with different Linux distributions (distros) to find one that I’d be comfortable recommending to Mom.

Ubuntu is pretty much that distro.

Call me some time if you wanna talk Linux (and have an hour or so) — I’ve got a lot of great things to say about it. 🙂

Events Module

I installed the “event” module, which lets us place date-based entries onto the site, and this is the first one. I’m not exactly certain how it’ll show up on the main page, so… here we go!

Edit: it shows up on the home page — nice!