Gmail :)

Well, I almost took the plunge on one of my other domains, but I decided to just go for it, here!

(Brave words, but I had literally nothing to lose by trying).

I switched this domain over to Google-hosted email and calendaring!

Anyone? Bueller? No?


Well, I have to consciously remind myself who I’m writing for here. I usually only talk to
1) My Wife
2) Other tech dorks

Indulge me for a few minutes, if you will.

Having your own mail server is great for a LOT of reasons: full control over domain name, account names, mailbox size, message size…. Sorry, I was getting carried away, again. Anyway: you’ve all used email before, and having control over your own server is quite nice. Having to administer your own mail server is tedious, however, and switching to Google’s mail (gmail) simplies a LOT of things for me.

Outwardly, no-one will know what I’m using to host my email, but it’s nice to have the reliability of gmail AND the added bonus of Google Calendar.

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