Restart the EAS IDOL Indexer

Bonus! I created this little guy to take care of the indexer, too.

The rest of the scripts are available here.


:: --------------------------------------------------------------
:: This script restarts the EAS indexer and relies on the Windows
:: SysInternals tool, pskill.exe.
:: Thom Rosario
:: 8.07.2013 -- added cache cleanup
:: 7.31.2013 -- added two subroutines for easier maintainability
:: 7.30.2013 -- v1.0
:: --------------------------------------------------------------
@echo off
set kill=d:\ZANTAZ\pskill.exe

set srvc=EASIDOLIndexerService
set proc=IdolIndexerService.exe
call KillService.bat EASidolindexerService
call KillProcess.bat IdolIndexerService.exe
call KillProcess.bat kvoop.exe
call KillProcess.bat EASConverter.exe

echo Removing any leftover temp files
rd /Q /S d:\temp\render
mkdir d:\temp\render

echo - - = = S T A R T I N G   I N D E X E R = = - -
sc.exe start %srvc%
echo Finished restarting EAS Indexer

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