Kill A Windows Process Running on Another Server via Batch

This script accepts the process name as a parameter and then runs in a loop until it kills all of the matching processes. The server name and kill command are global variables set in the calling script.

The whole script is outlined here.


:: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
:: This script receives a process name passed as a parameter, and then kills all
:: instances of that process on the target server
:: Thom Rosario
:: 7.31.2013 -- v1.0
:: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

@echo off
set proc=%~1
:: this is how we grab the passed parameter

:: tasklist lists all the processes running
:: /FI filters for just the process we're looking for
:: find sets errorlevel to 0 if it finds what you're looking for
:: the loop keeps running until it doesn't find the process

   tasklist /S %srvr% /FI "IMAGENAME eq %proc%" 2>NUL | find /I /N "%proc%">NUL
   if "%ERRORLEVEL%"=="0" (
      echo %proc% found running
      %kill% \\%srvr% %proc%
      timeout /t 1
      goto :KillLoop
echo All %proc% processes stopped
goto :EOF

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