Moving to the Cloud

In this series, I’ll cover the steps I took to move all of my web services from my home office to the cloud. I moved web sites, chat services, internet proxy services, vpn, voice chat, nntp and dns hosting. All running on 512mb of linux yumminess.

I intend to explain a lot of the whys along with the hows to hopefully explain encourage others to take advantage of the benefits afforded a person when you have a Virtual Private Server (VPS), so the posts will come at a leisurely pace.

Step one is creating this post as the first section of my book.


I’ve finally moved all of my sites to the cloud!

I’ll be posting more stories about the process in the coming days, but this week has been a HUGE transition. I went from a PowerPC Mac in my home office to a Virtual Private Server hosted by Linode.

I moved several web sites, ssh, mumble, instant messaging and twitter services and my VPN. After 11 years on Speakeasy’s DSL, it was time to move on to FiOS.

Time to sleep 🙂