Google App Hosting just got real

I just read about Google starting to offer paid apps associated w/ your Google Apps domain.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, this is where you sign up for a domain name (like and then have Google host your email. In addition to email, they also offer you the other Google Docs types of services, like spreadsheets, word processing, calendars and todos, all associated and shared amongst the people in your domain. If you’ve got less than 50 accounts, it’s completely free.

Google’s now upped the ante by offering professional (third-party) applications that can be bolted onto your domain. I know of a few people who may be able to make use of this.

Google Apps Marketplace now launched
Released on 3/10/2010

The Google Apps Marketplace allows administrators to discover and purchase integrated third party cloud applications and deploy them to their domains. Applications listed in the Google Apps Marketplace integrate with Google Apps using open protocols. Once added, they then can be easily managed from your domain’s control panel and accessed by users through the same links as the Google Apps suite.