Domino push email coming to iPhone in 8.5.1

I just read a story on MacWorld explaining that Domino push email’s coming to iPhone via Microsoft’s ActiveSync :O

Talk about strange bedfellows! 8.5.1 is due out later this year, but I have to say, the iPhone optimized iNotes webmail is pretty slick as it is. Adding push is just going to make things a lot nicer 🙂

Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.1 includes a few other incremental updates to functionality. But the main new feature is the addition of Microsoft’s ActiveSync protocol in Lotus Notes Traveler, the software that supports replication of Notes e-mail, calendars and contacts to smartphones.

IPhone users today can check their Notes e-mail through an optimized Web site. However, they must refresh to get new messages. “Web-based access has been good,” said Ed Brill, director of end-user messaging and collaboration for IBM Lotus software. “But push e-mail is something people wanted.”