Interesting Creative Suite tidbit

So I was putting the final touches on my Font Management script this morning when I found out something interesting and inconsistent w/ the Adobe Creative Suite CS2 and CS3 suites.

InDesign app default install locations are:
/Applications/Adobe InDesign CS2/Adobe InDesign
/Applications/Adobe InDesign CS3/Adobe InDesign

Looking at the InDesign CS2 Get Info window, you can see what I’m talking about, below.

According to the Finder, Illustrator looks like it’s here:
/Applications/Adobe Illustrator CS2/Adobe Illustrator
/Applications/Adobe Illustrator CS3/Adobe Illustrator

But in the shell, it’s actually here:
/Applications/Adobe Illustrator CS2/Adobe
/Applications/Adobe Illustrator CS3/Adobe

Have a look at it’s Get Info window.
Illustrator CS2

Weird, huh?

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