Computerworld > Asperger’s: the IT industry’s dark secret

Fascinating read.  Explains a lot.

Computerworld > Asperger’s: the IT industry’s dark secret:

Though the terms are debated and sometimes disputed in the medical community, both refer in a general way to people who display some characteristics of autism — including unusual responses to the environment and deficits in social interaction — but not the cognitive and communicative development impairments or language delays of classic autism.

Interesting Creative Suite tidbit

So I was putting the final touches on my Font Management script this morning when I found out something interesting and inconsistent w/ the Adobe Creative Suite CS2 and CS3 suites.

InDesign app default install locations are:
/Applications/Adobe InDesign CS2/Adobe InDesign
/Applications/Adobe InDesign CS3/Adobe InDesign

Looking at the InDesign CS2 Get Info window, you can see what I’m talking about, below.

According to the Finder, Illustrator looks like it’s here:
/Applications/Adobe Illustrator CS2/Adobe Illustrator
/Applications/Adobe Illustrator CS3/Adobe Illustrator

But in the shell, it’s actually here:
/Applications/Adobe Illustrator CS2/Adobe
/Applications/Adobe Illustrator CS3/Adobe

Have a look at it’s Get Info window.
Illustrator CS2

Weird, huh?

IM Can Reduce Workplace Interruptions, Study Shows — LifeHacker

Not exactly groundbreaking, but nice to see some studies confirming what most people already know.

Instant Messenger: IM Can Reduce Workplace Interruptions, Study Shows:

We all know instant messaging has great potential to lead down the path of non-productivity, but researchers at Ohio State University and University of California have found it can be a productivity booster—if used efficiently. Co-author of the study Kelly

Garret explains:

“It is not the case that people are engaging in extensive conversations or trying to resolve complex problems over this very limited medium. Instead, people are using the technology to solicit answers to quick questions from colleagues and coordinate their conversations at more convenient times.”

We’ve showed you how to firewall your attention at the office, including using your instant messenger client to signal your availability. We’ve also discussed previous studies about instant messaging increasing productivity. What is your experience with instant messaging at work? Does IM help you get things done more than hinder you?

Instant Messaging Proves Useful In Reducing Workplace Interruption [Science Daily]