Candid Dreamweaver CS4 beta comments

I had an interesting conversation this morning w/ two friends (Peter and Steve) about the current Dreamweaver CS4 beta.  Summarily:

[08:42am] Peter: dreamweaver beta’s really buggy

[08:43am] steveb: i hate dreamweaver. does CS4 make any better code then the other versions?

[08:43am] Me (summarized):

I don’t let it make code for me

It’s a multi-stage IDE, imo

As a beginner, let it make code (if you don’t know how to do it for yourself)

As you get better, make your own code, but use it’s fantastic link and file management

I think it’s pretty common for people to really dislike DW’s code generation, but that’s probably true of any WYSIWYG editors, if you already know how to make your own (If you don’t know any better, you won’t know enough judge the generated code).  Even if it was just a matter of code styling, you’d probably disagree slightly w/ the way the code was formatted, as it’s likely different from your own.

At any rate, I still find a lot of utility in DW, in it’s site management capabilities and templating.  I’ve been toying around w/ the new one and want to focus on it’s svn integration soon. 😀

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