Google Reader Irritation

Now, I love me some google products, and am actually a fan of their rss reader.  My beef is that it doesn’t work on my Blackberry Pearl.  I originally posted some feedback for them (via their preferred means — google groups), but it’s been over five months now, and no-one from google seems to be working on it.

I understand that the Pearl readership is a small portion of their readership — but come on guys… if you’ve got time to hack it to work on the Wii’s Opera browser over a weekend, can’t you bother helping people who would love to use it for actual business?

Official Google Reader Blog: Feed Your Television:

Feed Your Television

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

posted by Mihai Parparita

Earlier this year, I acquired a Nintendo Wii. As I was recovering from Wii elbow, I began to explore the capabilities of the Opera-based Internet Channel. It occurred that Reader may be a lot of fun on the Wii, especially with many photo and video feeds.

Some weekend hacking confirmed my suspicions, and the rest of the team also seemed to think it’d be a neat side project. As some have discovered, we recently flipped the switch on this feature. If you’d like to try it out, simply visit on your Wii (you may find it even easier to just do a Google search for “reader”). Keep in mind that this is something very experimental, the labs of Google Labs if you will.

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