New Shoes!

So I finally got some new shoes for my ride 🙂 (Gallery of photos available here.)

The stock tires that came w/ my car were summer, high performance tires. Rolling around on those things in the winter was like wearing tap shoes on ice: not that I’ve ever worn tap shoes, but let’s not get caught up in the details of my silly example. Having scared the crap out of myself a few times last winter, I knew I couldn’t do that again, so I bought some tires off of

I was initially quite excited by the notion of upgrading to a different set of wheels in the process, but when I found a set I liked on sale, I knew I had to do it. To sweeten the pot and convince buyers just like myself to spend a little more, Tire Rack offers a free mounting & balancing package if you buy wheels & tires at the same time.

As my first online tire purchase, I was a little skeptical, but I know a few people who’ve done the same & reported great results. By now, you probably realize that there’s going to be an unhappy side to this story, but it’s not an horrific tale, so don’t run away, yet.

In short, the tires weren’t mounted & balanced very well. The manager at the local Merchants Tire personally showed me the questionable work after I returned to them and complained that there was a LOT of shake in the steering wheel above 40MPH. A short while later, after the manager PERSONALLY re-did the mount & balance, he & I took a test drive so he could ensure he’d done right by his customer.

There’s nothing like the service from proud professionals.